Wind Talon

Wind talon
Wind talon from the back row.
Alignment Wind
MP Consumed 9
Status Effect 5% Dizzy
Stat Effect
Back Row Front Focus
Flavour Text Call on the mighty winds to rip through enemies.

Wind Talon is the level 1 wind-aligned spell.


Front RowEdit

Six small tornadoes emerge from the side of the caster. They then barrage the enemy to inflict damage.

Back RowEdit

Six small tornadoes turn into to large ones. They twirl each other before descending and creating a shockwave of wind.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Lassi (level 1) Wind
057 Fungaroach Wind
209 Pourri Wind
249 Wind Master Wind
255 Macadameus Wind


"Wind Talon" comes from the talon, a sharp claw of an animal, found especially in birds.

Gallery Edit

Wind talon

Wind Talon of Funguroach

Wind talon Character Front Row

Lassi's Wind Talon