Wild magic is magic that is used in the field. It consumes no MP.

In Magical VacationEdit

In Magical StarsignEdit

Light Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: None

Field Use: Causes gummy worms to retreat into their holes.

Dark Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: None

Field Use: Causes gummy frogs to disappear.

Wind Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: Hear me, wind! Hear my call! Dancing in the sky... Shaping the clouds... Whispering to the heavens... Hear my plea, And send your gale!

Field Use: Causes Sugar Stars to appear when used near HP Pots.

Earth Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: Still soil, sturdy earth, Solid rock, release your grasp! You are the chains that bind! You are the hands that hold! Release your grasp, And let the world crumble!

Field Use: Flips gummy frogs on their backs. Does not flip exploding gummy frogs.

Wood Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: Little leaf, green leaf, Gather light to you. Little root, deep root, bind the earth to you. Mind the trunk that holds you high! Mind the branches, long and proud! So strong stands the forest!

Field Use: Occasionally makes leaves appear.

Fire Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: Fire burning in my belly! Fire burning in the stars! Roiling, boiling, Churning, burning, Cover us, and cleanse the world!

Field Use: Causes hidden Bean Pops to appear

Water Wild MagicEdit

Incantation: Cool water, giver of life, Our thoughts run clear with you. Shine bright, run deep, Bide time against the tide! Come again and cleanse my sands! Crash in waves upon my shore!

Field Use: Causes gummy worms to come out of their holes.