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  • I live in in a time-travelling blue box
  • I was born on March 3
  • My occupation is attempting to rule the world
  • I am Male
Pyrite yellow scarf

It's a Pyrite. With a yellow scarf. WHAT NOW MORTALS!?!?!?!?!?

I am a male high schooler who loves video games. Some of my favorite series are Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Custom Robo (my favourite is Arena), Drone Tactics, Trauma Center, Baten Kaitos, Tales, Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Tales of, and, of course, Magical Starsign. I found myself annoyed with the lack of organized information on Magical Starsign, so I founded this wiki myself.

I am quite socially awkward, and spend all of my time on either videogames or dimensional physics. I have begun designing a videogame of my own in my spare time. My favourite book series is the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde. My favourite non-satire TV show is Doctor Who.

My favourite stories are Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Imperfect Metamorphosis, and Harry Potter and the Natural 20

My favourite music artists are Tutti Sound, Babbe, and cYsmix.

Game infoEdit

  • Vlax (dark)
  • Indigo (Lassi)
  • Frappa (Mokka)
  • Chai
  • Dangoon (Pico)
  • Fara (Sorbet)

I had a user that was very good originally, but I restarted once I learned I missed an enemy in the bestiary. I had gotten to B15F of Glissini Caves and nearly beat Macadameus. I have since made up all of my lost progress, and actually beat Macadameus at level 86. I have also made it to the bottom of Glissini Caves and I beat the boss there. I have also come extremely close to finishing the bestiary (a result of having OCD) and have been focusing on transferring the info from my game to this site.

Upon learming that I missed my opportunity to obtain one of the eggs, I bought a second copy of the game and have since been using in for further information.

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