A photo of Umbra in battle
Bestiary # 228
Alignment Light/Dark (opposite of Player)
Level 99
Habitat Glissini Caves B20F
Drops None
Bestiary Entry Shadra, grown to massive dimensions after devouring powerful millennium gummies, has shed its old husk and risen in this new and awe-inspiring body.
Bira Rewarded 0

Umbra is one of the superbosses of Magical Starsign, fought at the very bottom of Glissini Caves. Although it does not drop an item, a treasure chest containing a putty pea will be found where it was after being defeated.


Although it is fought alone, Umbra is not to be taken lightly. It has access to powerful attacks of all alignments, making it very difficult to fight.


Spells Skills
Crystal Laser (if Light) Scale
Falcon Dive
Gravel Pounder
Briar Patch
Heat Fondu
Absolute Zero
Celestial Swap

Name OriginEdit

Umbra frequently refers to the darkest part of a shadow, though literal translations from Latin are along the lines of "Darkest Shadow" or "Ultimate Darkness". This is fitting as a dark-aligned enemy, though the fact that Umbra can be light aligned makes this name somewhat odd.