Tag Mode is sub-mode of Amigo Mode. It provides a way for players to link with old and new Amigos to send/receive messages to one another and find items.

In order for Tag Mode to work, multiple players have to be in Tag Mode and be within the wireless reach of the 3DS/DS. This means that players have to be able to locally contact each other.


There are many different uses for Tag Mode:

Special ItemsEdit

The player can obtain Egg Characters and many unique items by gathering enough Amigos through Tag Mode.

These items require the following number of Amigos:

  • 1 Amigo - Egg (Wind/Water/Earth/Wood/Fire)
  • 5 Amigos - Egg Hat
  • 10 Amigos - Amigo Book
  • 15 Amigos - Egg (Wind/Water/Earth/Wood/Fire)
  • 25 Amigos - Egg Ring
  • 30 Amigos - Egg (Wind/Water/Earth/Wood/Fire)
  • 40 Amigos - Egg Cloak
  • 50 Amigos - Egg Boots
  • 60 Amigos - Egg (Wind/Water/Earth/Wood/Fire)
  • 75 Amigos - Egg Studs
  • 100 Amigos - Egg (Light or Dark)

Normal ItemsEdit

The player can also find several other useful items

These items include the following:

Recovery ItemsEdit


Before Finishing GameEdit

After Finishing GameEdit

Battle ItemsEdit


Before Finishing GameEdit

After Finishing GameEdit