The Starway is a location underneath Sparklin Palace. It draws on the power of the seven elements and the five planets to create a gateway to Shadra.

Upper AreaEdit

The upper area has seven antechambers, each containing seven torches which must be lit be each of the seven wild magics. In the centre of the room, there is a large machine which changes the player's alignment to either dark or light, allowing him/her to light the final torch.

Lower AreaEdit

The lower area is accessed via a ladder in the back of the upper area.

First Lower AreaEdit

The first room has nothing but a doorway on a platform that bears a high resemblance to Glissini Caves. After lighting all of the torches, Fowler is fought here.

Second Lower AreaEdit

The second lower area has a room that models the solar system, and the warp point to Shadra.