Shadow Die

The Hero casting Shadow Die.
Alignment Dark
MP Consumed 7
Status Effect 5% Curse
Stat Effect
Back Row Random 3
Flavour Text Cast these evil dice to decide your enemies' fate!

Shadow Die is the basic dark spell. It will probably be used alot fights because it does not drain as much MP as other spells.


Front RowEdit

A massive die of darkness is summoned and engulfs the enemy, closing on the target and inflicting damage.

Back RowEdit

The die appears and goes higher in the sky. It twirls several times as three dice appear and strike three random enemies.

Known by Edit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (level 1) Dark
176 Nightmop Dark
178 Armagel Dark
190 Chard Dark
196 Chard Dark
218 Fowler Dark
219 Equillekrew Dark
254 Zodalkrew Dark

Etymology Edit

Shadow Die" comes from the die, a small cube that is used in many board games and also gambling.