Sesame Ashpot is an Insect element mage with an interest for bugs.

Sesame Ashpot
Species Human
Gender Male
Element Insect
Sign Cancer
Age 10
Birthday June 29
Blood Type B
Height 120cm
Weight 22kg


Sesame is easily frightened, and rather shy. He is very curious, so much so he often gets into trouble for it. He loves insects, and often had dead bugs and other insects in his pockets. He also has a bug collection in his room and follows Kirche Pintail around often.


Name MP Effect
Call Buzz 1 1 Insect Seirei is called
Kanabun 3 Power 4 damage + power down to 1 enemy
Butterfly 15 Power 6 damage + power down to 1 enemy
Clear Stick 1 All Tree Seirei are cleared
Bee 30 Power 8 damage + power down to 1 enemy
Double Buzz 50 2 Insect Seirei are called
Beetle 60 Power 10 damage + power down to 1 enemy in the front row

Base Stats Edit

  • Level: 24
  • HP: 81
  • MP: 110
  • Power: 14
  • Defense: 14
  • Speed: 25
  • Spirit: 18

Trivia Edit

  • He warns if there are monsters in chests
  • His favorite food is ogura toast