A male salamander.

Salamanders are native creatures that are found on Gren in the Carbonara Jungle but to get to the Salamander hole, you need to take out the Totems that block the way (and only physical attacks can damage them).

The Salamanders seem to shun the Felins and Otters because of the destruction they cause to nature on Gren. They also know of the anthropophagus (people-eating) flower inside of Yggsalad and try warn the player of it, even though Semolina is the one who gives her life for it.


The Salamanders look cold and damp, with a green-beige skin colour. Their skin also has marks on the forehead, along with a long tail.

Male Salamanders have puckured red/orange lips with a tuft of red hair at the back of their head and the sides. The Males also wear green shorts with blue shoes, and have bright blue eyes.

Female Salamanders have pink hair tied up at the back with strands of hair at the side, clipped up with red beads. Their eye colour is orange with three thick, black eyelashes. A skirt of dead grass and a pink bikini top is worn for clothing, with purple shoes to finish it off.

Salamander CaveEdit

The Salamander Cave is the place where the Salamanders have to live, since their original home, Yggsalad, was take over by the Pirate Otters to use as a base. Inside the Salamander Cave, you can find many Salamanders who constantly say 'SLURP', which can make it hard to find out what they are saying. If you rescue Chai, who is a Salamander himself, go to the cave and talk to the female salamander walking near the right; she will call Chai a freak salamander for being able to use magic, since it is extremly rare.

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