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The Plain of Light is one of four worlds the player can go to in Magical Vacation.



Mimoretto ForestEdit

Mimoretto Forest is were the player truly starts their journey. Pistachio Maplewood is found upon first arrival, but flees after encountering an Enigma.

He later reunites with the protagonist when he is confronted by Demissusu, a large Pippurusu.

Forest CaveEdit

Forest Cave is the first dungeon in Magical Vacation were Varukaneira is fought. Upon defeat, Arancia Scorenote joins the protagonist's party.

Toruna VillageEdit

Toruna Village is a village populated by soley by Puppets. After arriving at the village and broding at the local inn, the protagonist witnesses a murder.

Benachonka RuinsEdit

Benachonka Ruins are floating ruins in the sky, inhabited by Ancient Robots and Pirhannas.

Sparrow Field

Sparrow Hot Springs

Wakuti Village

Remittsu Royal Palace (Outside)

Remittsu Royal Palace (Inside)

Ibense Rocks

Road to Roche

Pippurusu Town

La Roche Tower

Gearava Village

Kido Monga