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Official art of Pico from Magical Starsign.
Japanese Name Pomodoro
Species Human
Gender Male
Alignment Fire
Age 17

Pico (ポモドーロ Pomodoro) is a Fire element mage in Magical Starsign.


Pico is very hardheaded, and often tries to take on a role of leadership. He is known for his short temper and outgoing personality. He is also very conceited and holds himself in very high regard, being the most outspoken out if the group. The reason for this is because at a very young age, he was able to teach himself magic. He is always trying to be the hero in a situation, thinking very rashly and getting himself into trouble. It is heavily hinted he has a crush on Sorbet, as shown by his actions in Gren and Razen. Pico mentions on Gren that he likes to work alone before running off to save Sorbet from the pirates. 

In Magical Starsign Edit

He is first seen at Will O' Wisp Academy telling Miss Madeleine about having to deal with detention and later at the rockets from the school. Further into the story, he is seen tied to a wooden pole in Gren as the Felines are planning to offer him to the Pirate Otters for the village's protection.


Level UpEdit

Spells Skills
Lava Spuds (level 1) Punch
Afterburner (level 14) Guard
Heat Fondu (level 25)
Feverish Might (level 32)
Dragon's Tongue (level 47)


Spells Skills
Celestial Swap (Sky Book)
High Art (Splode Book)
Comet Shower (Comet Book)
Brawly Ball (Brawly Book)

Name OriginEdit

Pico is derived from "pico de gallo" (literally translating to "rooster's beak"), which is a mild Mexican salsa typically consisting of raw tomatoes, onions, and chili peppers, as well as other possible ingredients such as cilantro.

Fan Art Edit

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