Paella is a town on Razen. It is the town of the Potfolk.


All of the buildings are found in this section of Paella.


Item Cost
Green Frog 20 Bira
Yellow Worm 200 Bira
Deburn Tail 30 Bira
Decursy Tail 30 Bira
Wakey Tail 3500 Bira
Slippy Oil 120 Bira
Clockwhistle 200 Bira
Antiwhistle 200 Bira
Sugarstar 1200 Bira
Helmet 600 Bira
Silver Ring 900 Bira
Hide Armor 1000 Bira
Cleats 620 Bira
Red Ribbon 850 Bira

Sugarleaf Plains WestEdit

This is the western section of Paella. It is empty throughout most of the game, but enemies are present during the Space Police invasion. It is unknown why this area's name is so similar to Sugarleaf Plains, a location on Nova.

Enemy SetsEdit

Back Row: CSI
Front Row: Sr. Patrolman Sr. Patrolman Sr. Patrolman

Back Row: Inspector
Front Row: Sr. Patrolman Sr. Patrolman


Back Row: Space Warden
Front Row: Cybersaurus

Name OriginEdit

Paella comes from the Valencian rice dish, which is put into three main different types: Valencian paella, seafood paella and mixed paella.