Olive Tearclown is a beast element mage in Magical Vacation.

Olive Tearclown

Species Human
Gender Female
Element Beast
Sign Gemini
Age 11
Birthday May 11
Blood Type A
Height 122cm
Weight 25kg


Olive is a shy, gentle girl who likes animals. She had the ability to read minds from youth, but a certain event caused her to fear looking into people's minds. She thinks of Ganache Nighthawk as a brother, and her ability to read minds allows her to understand him better than the other students.

Moveset Edit

Name MP Effect
Call Grr 1 1 Beast Seirei is called
Hawk Force 3 Power 4 damage to 1 enemy
Rhino Force 20 Power 6 damage to 1 enemy in the front row
Clear Flow 1 All Water Seirei are cleared
Lion Power 30 Raises power of 1 friend
Double Grr 50 2 Beast Seirei are called
Force of Everyone All Takes all MP from all friends and does damage to all enemies equal to that MP

Base Stats Edit

  • Level: 38
  • HP: 122
  • MP: 160
  • Power: 25
  • Defense: 18
  • Speed: 24
  • Spirit: 25

Trivia Edit

  • Monsters don't appear when you run into Gummy Worm holes with her
  • Her favorite food is clam chowder