Nova Sword

Gfs 75573 2 330
Nova Sword being used from the back row
Alignment Light
MP Consumed 90
Status Effect 5% Blind
Stat Effect
Back Row Fixed
Flavour Text Slice through your enemies with a sword of light.

Nova Sword is the level 5 Light-aligned spell in Magical Starsign.


Front rowEdit

A single sword made of light rotates to the top screen and flashes before it strikes one enemy with crescent shaped projectiles and blasts it with light.

Back RowEdit

The sword of light still goes to the top screen, but instead it now flashes in the center. It then rotates and forms four more blades. It then merges into one large sword and falls explodes into a dome of pure light.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (Level 52) Light
-- Star (Level 1) Light

Name OriginEdit

Nova Sword either comes from the planet Nova, or a nova, the cataclysmic event in which a star is stripped of it's elements by a white dwarf.