The Magic Rocket in Tag Mode.

Neumann the Magical Rocket is the mode of transport between planets in Magical Starsign.


The bridge is the area of the rocket from which people enter. It is the most important area of the rocket. There are two things with which to interact.


A humanoid robot resides in the upper left of the rocket: the brain of the rocket, Neumann. Interacting with Neumann grants several options:

Restore HP/MPEdit

Available: from start

All of the HP and MP of all members in the player's party will be restored.


Available: from start

This allows the player to search for items in the rocket. The screen will fade to black, Neumann will make a brief comment, and a message will come up saying the player received one of the following items:

After doing this consecutively a certain number of times, the player will fail to find anything until leaving the rocket again.

Remove AllyEdit

Available: after hatching an egg character

This allows the player to remove any active party member from the party, aside from the hero/heroine.

Ask a QuestionEdit

Available: after first entering the Incubator


The navigator is a globe in the centre of the bridge. It is gray when the rocket is first received, and cannot be interacted with. After receiving the Magic Mouse, It will be green and allows the player to fly to Erd, Cassia, Puffoon, and Gren. After upgrading the rocket with the Aquarino, It will be blue and allows access to Razen. After obtaining all 5 millennium gummies and fending off the Space Police on Razen, it will be white, and allow access to Nova.


The cabin is the area of the rocket where egg characters and party members stay when they are not in the player's active party. It is accessed from a staircase on the bottom-right of the bridge. If the player's party is full when a character is interacted with, then a message will come up asking which active party member the player wishes to replace. If the player's party is not full, then a message will come up simply asking if the player wishes to add the character to the active party.



A screenshot of the Incubator Room with an egg in it.

The incubator room is where unhatched eggs are kept. It is accessed from the back of the cabin.

Egg PedestalsEdit

Top Left:

Middle Left:

Bottom Left:

Centre: Tom Yam

Top Right:

Middle Right:

Bottom Right: