Mysterious chest 01 erd

A Mysterious Chest found in the "Where the Stars Sleep" area on Erd. Note that Erd is in its Earth sign alignment, allowing the chest to be seen.

Mysterious Chests are chests that only appear when a planet is aligned in its colour of the spectrum, or in the case of Nova and Shadra, whether it is day or night. The chest will only appear however, when you enter a new area of a location (i.e., after there is a fade to black transition); chests do not appear spontaneously in an area if you are there at the time when the alignment first occurs.


Location Contents
Where the Stars Sleep Putty Pea
Wandering Hills 250 bira
Ships' Graveyard Gaian Brace
Ships' Graveyard 5000 bira
Ships' Graveyard Mole Tail
Twisting Hills Aqua Talisman


Location Contents
Tangerine Beach East 140 Bira
Granule Island Soul Tank
Granule Island Putty Pea
Granule Island Raincoat


Location Contents
Quinoa Plain Putty Pea
Quinoa Plain 750 Bira
Couscous Entrance 3 Yellow Worms
Couscous Ruins 2500 Bira


None Known


Location Contents
Jalapeno Wasteland Putty Pea
World Seam Putty Pea
World Seam Spirit Band


Location Contents
Sugarleaf Plains Putty Pea


Location Contents
Cocoabutter Valley Putty Pea