Official Art of Magnus Muzzleflash

Magnus Muzzleflash

Magical-vacation-2-20060509015016916 640w
Magnus Muzzleflash in battle
Bestiary # 208
HP 22000
Alignment Fire
Level 39
Habitat Path of Five Organs
Drops Loincloth
Bestiary Entry Muzzleflash is a reckless fighter, notorious for gunning down friend and foe alike. After his last battle, he was imprisoned for the safety of the galaxy.
Bira Rewarded 15000

Magnus Muzzleflash is one of the leaders of the space police in the game Magical Starsign. He is extremely brutal and violent, to such a point that he has served time in prison for his methods.

In Magical StarsignEdit

He is first seen in the Ships' Graveyard after the player defeats several Sr. Patrolman. Muzzleflash attempts to shoot the player at the Plateau of the Giant, but accidentally fires at the Space Police officers there instead. He is battled outside of the Stone Giant, Tektos at the end of the Path of Five Organs. He tries to destroy the Stone Giant, but is killed in the process.


Muzzleflash is battled at the end of the Path of Five Organs.


Spells Skills
Heat Fondu Blood Rage
Blazing Cannon Counter Attack


He is fairly over confident but not as excessively as Chard. His main arrogance is in his aim, saying that "Magnus Muzzleflash never misses!" He is destructive and uncaring, firing upon his allies if they are in his way.


Muzzleflash is very muscular and has four arms. His skin is blue. He wears steel plated armor over his body that is said to be crafted by Dwarves.

Name OriginEdit