Magician Ant

Magician ant
A magician ant in battle.
Bestiary # 082
HP 50
Alignment Earth
Level 3
Habitat Ant Hole / Gorgonzola's Hole
Drops Yellow Worm
Bestiary Entry This fierce ant uses magic to serve its queen. Because it knows so much about magic, it is largely immune to magical attacks.
Bira Rewarded 10 (Normal)

5 (Ant Queen fight)

Magician ants are earth element enemies found in the Ant Hole.


Ant Magicians carry a hook-shaped staff, have grey heads and bodies, and most have royal blue appendages.The Ant Magician appearing alongside the Ant Queen however, has lighter blue limbs than other Magician Ants.

This different color variation in the Ant Magicians is not reflected in the Bestiary.



Tips Edit

The magician ant will usually team up with Soldier Ants and other Magician Ants. They are very resistant to magic. It is suggested that instead of needlessly using magic to chip away at their HP, to instead use physical moves like Kick, Punch, Tail Swipe etc.

Be careful when fighting the Ant Queen as she will use Lackey Call to summon a Soldier Ant and a Magician Ant who will aid her in battle. Here the Magician Ant can use its two regular moves and is part of a third used by the Ant Queen. In Royal Feast if chosen, the Magician Ant will take on of its opponents and offer it to the Ant Queen who will then steal the character's HP.

Royal Feast cannot be performed with a Soldier Ant or Magician Ant so remove them first to prevent this move.

Gallery Edit

Magician ant gravel pounder

Casting gravel pounder

Cane smack

Using cane smack (click for animation)