Magical vacation boxart

Magical Vacation boxart (the game was only released in Japan)

Magical Vacation is a role-playing game (RPG) developed by Brownie Brown, released for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.

It was originally released on December 7th, 2001, and had a re-release in 2006. Both releases were exclusive to Japan, with no official translation having been produced.

Although no official translation was released, a walkthrough/ translation guide created by Titney can be found at GameFAQs.

In 2006, Magical Vacation spawned a sequel for the Nintendo DS, Magical Starsign. Unlike Magical Vacation, Magical Starsign was localized for North American and European audiences.


The Three Day WarEdit

Once upon a time, war erupted for three days in the magic kingdom Kovomaka. This war was kept a secret from ordinary citizens, but one man began to travel all around the country in preparation for the next battle, and several years later, the game's main character enters the magic school Will-O-Wisp at the invitation of the school's principal. The main character possessed the ability to see and interact with spirits since youth, and was ostracized because of this ability.

School VacationEdit


The students of the Will-O-Wisp school are sent away to a summer school by the Valencia seaside despite warnings that several students from other schools had gone missing on the beach in the past. Mere hours after arrival, a strange band of monsters called Enigmas appear on the beach, abducting the students. After pursuing Sesame Ashpot, the only child aside from the protagonist to evade the Enigmas, through the pirate cove the player comes across a portal leading to the Plain of Light, after traversing through, Sesame is then abducted by an Enigma.

Plain of LightEdit

After walking through the portal, the protagonist finds themselves on the Plain of Light. shortly after arrival, the player finds a confused Pistachio Maplewood, who soon again flees after witnessing an Enigma sneak up on the protagonist. Soon after, Pistachio Maplewood is found bombarded by Demissusu, a large Pippurusu gaurding a bridge leading to the Forest Cave. After defeating Demissusu, Pistachio reunites with the protagonist.


Magical Vacation is a household name in Japan, and has been referred to as a cult classic.

It has sold over 200,000 copies in Japan.

Famitsu scored the game at a 35/40. [1]

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