Lord Persimmon is a self-proclaimed henchman of Master Chard, who is often seen with Caldarroste. Despite his high opinion of himself, the Space Police don't even know who he is and one officer notes that he is really Chard's 432nd-in-command. He is known to dislike Salamanders.


Persimmon is a seemingly reptilian-amphibian wearing a large purple hat decorated with five blue jewels with a matching coat and blue and white striped pants. He has a long tail frills around his neck and a row of purple fins along his tail.

While his species is never outright stated, Caldarroste refers to him as a crocodile at one point.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Persimmon is first seen on Gren, in the Salamander Inn.

Name OriginEdit

Persimmon is an edible fruit.