Japanese Name Jasmine
Species Rabbit
Gender Female
Alignment Wind
Age 14

Lassi (ジャズミン Jazumin) is a Wind mage and the second member of the character's party in Magical Starsign.


Lassi is a scatterbrained rabbitmorph and takes things at her own pace. She is rather ditzy in nature, and is easily amused. She is also very naive, and tends to argue over trivial matters. Despite being quite mischievous and sometimes a bit sarcastic, she hates being called "bunny girl." She is most likely the best friend of the protagonist, and even develops an crush on them if they are male. She is the most talkative after Pico, but actually reads the atmosphere before seeing if its appropriate to speak or not.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Lassi is enrolled at Will-O'-Wisp Academy, and is a close friend of the protagonist. After Miss Madeleine sets out to planet Puffoon, Lassi explores the academy in search for rockets wich have been rumored to be somwhere at the academy, and mistakenly takes off in one.

After taking off, Lassi crashlands on Erd, the earth planet. She is then revived by the protagonist using Kovo Water.


Level UpEdit

Spells Skills
Wind Talon (level 1) Kick
Healing Wing (level 7) Guard
Falcon Dive (level 19) Flee
Mother's Nest (level 36)
Pteranodon (level 49)


Lassi is physically the weakest member of your team and also has the lowest HP. However, she has the best magic stat of your whole party, and is quite the beast while using it. Coupled with the fact that her agility is also one of the highest and that the MP she recovers on every turn is high indeed, she is quite the character. With Healing Wing and Mother's Nest in her arsenal, she makes an excellent healer and is best suited in the back where she can support the team.

Name originEdit

Lassi is a yogurt based drink from India.

Wild MagicEdit

One can use Lassi's wind magic outside of battle to: Access areas relevant to the story, operate wind based machinery, move objects, and summon sugarstars when used near an HP recovery pot.

"Hear me wind, hear my call! Dancing in the sky... Shaping the clouds... Whispering to the heavens... Hear my plea, And send your gale!"

Fan Art Edit

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500 CC 043 Lassi by Hyliaman
Lassi by tuooneo-d3falsx