Magical Vacation: Knight of the Universe is a canceled manga series based around the original plot of Magical Starsign.


One day, a mysterious meteorite fell to the land of Kovomaka fortelling a prophecy of doom, and began to attack Kovomaka's native inhabitants.


Mach BlancEdit

The protagonist of Knights of the Universe. He shares the design of the protagonist of Magical starsign, but is a fire mage, who is friends with Sugar Ronsanu. He has a micheivious personality, but maintains a deep caring for his friends, and is protective of Sugar.

Sugar RonsanuEdit

Sugar is a water mage designed off of Sorbet. She is friends with Mash Blanc.

Cidre RainbowEdit

Cidre is friends with Pistachio, and is a Beauty element mage. He is the brother of Souffle.

Pistachio MaplewoodEdit

Pistachio is friends with Cidre, and opposed to his original character in Magical Vacation, he is far more outgoing and courageous.

Arancia ScorenoteEdit

Arancia is friends with Mash Blanc, and Souffle.

Souffle RainbowEdit

Souffle is Cidre's younger sister, and is a dark element mage. It is suggested that she has the ability to summon enigma.


Geashigou-Oden is the king of Kovomaka. After he hears of the asteroid creature, he sets his elite team of mages to fight it.

Khao YamEdit

A mage and the king's royal advisor.

Vanilla NighthawkEdit

Vanilla is the leader of Kovomaka's elite mage force. She is sent to fight the mysterious creatures by Geashigou-Oden.