King Suspiro


Human (possibly)



King Suspiro is the ruler of Puffoon, and leader of the Space Police.

In Magical Starsign Edit

He sends Brie Pourri to inform the player to come to his castle, and he goes on to say that he needs a favor:

Do you know of Kale? He calls himself a master. He was my trusted friend once. The Space Police became very powerful thanks to his personal guidance. That must be brought to an abrupt end. It has to end. You see, the Space Police no longer follow my orders. They only listen to Master Kale and his teacher, Biek Fowler. I need you with him. Do whatever you must. Shame and defeat the villain.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about him, but he seems to have a keen sense of justice. He also believes that he was never fit to be a king and that his wish was to only make his kingdom strong and leave a great legacy.

His Account on Master Kale Edit

How Did You Meet:

I befriended Master Kale...oh, I'd say about ten years ago. He was a gifted and charming mage with a knack for politics. I heard he studied with Madeleine on Kovomaka. He had an easy time persuading people, and his followers grew by the dozens. But that isn't all you need to succeed in politics. He had enemies. They held grudges, envied his success, and ultimately tried have him expelled from the palace. The tide of the public turned, as it often does, and he fell on hard times. To be honest, he did suffer. I don't know the details, but I know his life was painful. Even so, he seem dedicated to serving his country. He outdid himself in service, eventually regaining his place in the palace. But one day I looked at him and realized the light had gone out in his eyes. They were dark. Very dark.

What Does He Want:

What does he want? To destroy this world, of course. He had the nerve to tell me as much himself. I spoke to him at length after that, but I could not steer him away from his course. He controls the space police. I knew about his plan, but I was powerless to stop it.