King Geattsua is the king of Magical Kingdom of Kovomaka. Though never seen in-game, he is referenced multiple times throughout the course of the series, and makes an appearance in Knight of the Universe. He provides Will-o'-Wisp Academy with the Magic Bus prior the events of Magical Vacation.


Geashigou-Oden is a strong but caring man, who cares deeply for his subordinates and citizens.


Geashigou-Oden is a somewhat short, mohawked man with a beard. He wears clothing that resembles Arabic dressware.

In Magical VacationEdit

In Knight of the UniverseEdit

After Geashigou-Oden hears of the asteroid armed with the doom prophecy, he sets his Kovomaka Elite Forces Unit, an elite team of mages led by Vanilla Nighthawk.