Kale Gummy Giant
Kale with the Gummy Giant.
Bestiary # 222
Alignment Light/Dark (opposite of player)
Level 56
Habitat Chromagar Cave
Drops None
Bestiary Entry This former Will-o'-Wisp Academy student manipulated the Space Police and led them on a mad crusade against magicians. He possesses vast knowledge.
Bira Rewarded 0

Kale is the main antagonist of the game Magical Starsign. He is a powerful magician who originally came from Kovomaka and the Will O' Wisp Acadamy. He has a house in Bena Rikashi on Puffoon. He was once the friend of King Suspiro.


Official art of Kale.

Interactions with the PlayerEdit

Kale is the main antagonist so is therefore the cause of most of the trouble throughout the game. He controls the Space Police, Pirate Otters, as well as the Enigmas. He is seen through several flashbacks and screenshots throughout the story but is only encountered twice: once at the bottom of Shishkebab Caverns, and then in the deepest section of Chromagar Cave


Kale is battled in the deepest part of Chromagar Cave alongside the Gummy Giant. He has a high amount of HP and MP. He seems to be able to attack quickly, sometimes with two attacks in a row. He can use a variety of spells, not being limited to his own element - which is the opposite of the player's.


Spells Skills
Blood Money
Dazzle Darts
Crystal Laser
Falcon Dive
Briar Patch
Heat Fondu
Absolute Zero
Insect Bullets
Celestial Swap


Kale is very aloof and commanding as a person. He will use people to get what he wants and doesn't seem to care about how others are affected. He is very devoted to what he wants but seems slightly misguided. He apparently was a good pupil when he was at the Academy although his reason for his dark transformation isn't clear (see King Suspiro for hints). He is a manipulative person.


Not much can be seen of Kale's appearance. He has a whiskery mustache and long, limp hair that is dirty. He wears green rags and a green hat. A tattered red vest hangs off his shoulders. He has human-like grey hands and unidentifiable grey ankles, or possibly legs. The rest of him remains a mystery.

Name OriginEdit

Master Kale comes from kale, a form of green and purple cabbage.


Master Kale bears an uncany resemblance to Sesame Ashpot (from Magical Vacation.) They both have an affitity with insects and it could be argued they are the same person.