Heat Fondu

Heat fondu
A front-row heat fondu hitting its target.
Alignment Fire
MP Consumed 70
Status Effect 5% Scorch
Stat Effect
Back Row Shared
Flavour Text Wrap your enemies in a toasty blanket of flames.

Heat Fondu is the level 3 fire-aligned spell.


Front RowEdit

In the front row, Heat Fondu develops as a ball of fire which circles once around Pico and then continues circling while advancing towards the opponent. Ending with the ball of fire crashing into the opponent. May cause Scorch.

Back RowEdit

When used on the back row, a heat ball flies up into the sky. It then explodes into a flaming serpent and dives down to the ground making a fiery explosion.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Pico (level 25) Fire
019 Scorchberry Fire
208 Muzzleflash Fire
222 Kale Light/Dark
224 Shadra Light/Dark
228 Umbra Light/Dark

Name OriginEdit

Heat Fondu comes from the Swiss dish of melted cheese, fondue.