Healing Wing

Alignment Wind
MP Consumed 100%
Status Effect --
Stat Effect
Back Row Shared
Flavour Text Call on warm, healing wind to restore HP.

Healing Wing is a non-damaging, level 2, wind-aligned spell. It heals an amount of HP to an ally (Or all allies if cast in the back row) relative the caster's amount of MP.


Front rowEdit

Two orbs of light circle their caster as several rings of wind that are covered in sparkles envelops the target as it heals their HP.

Back RowEdit

The orbs of light burst into sparkles which cover the targets. Several rings of wind then envelop their targets to restore their HP.

Known byEdit

  • Lassi (level 7)
  • Monocorn

Name OriginEdit

"Healing Wing" comes from the wing, an outgrowth that allows flight.