Hailstorm being used from the back row.
Alignment Water
MP Consumed 7
Status Effect 5% Cold
Stat Effect None
Back Row Random 4
Flavour Text Pelt your enemies with icy snowball clumps.

Hailstorm is the level 1 water-aligned spell.


Front RowEdit

An orb of water is summoned before freezing into a chunk of ice. It then strikes the target.

Back RowEdit

An orb of water levitates into the sky before splitting and freezing into four ice chunks. It strikes four random targets consecutively.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Sorbet (Level 1) Water
123 Hangfin Water
121 Wendigo Water
191 Mojo Water
194 Peacock Fish Water


"Hailstorm" comes from a form of frozen rainfall, called a hail storm. A singular piece found in a hail storm is called a hail stone.