Mv gyuhi

Gyuuhi Ogura is a character in Magical Vacation.The player meets him in the Plane of Darkness. He has the head of a human and the body of a catterpillar. Ones talked to him, he gives you the map of the Plane of Darkness.

Gyuuhi Ogura appears again at the beginning of the secret dungeon Garam Masala, where he asks the player on which mode he/she would like to play.

He was a teacher at the Will-o'-Wisp Academy, but is retired now.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being drawn with a full human body on the official atwork, Gyuuhi Ogura is never seen like this in the game.
  • Gyuuhi Ogura speaks archaic language, "thou" instead of "you".
  • Gyuuhi Ogura is human. About 200 years ago,when he was 280 years old, he romoved his body and got his present figure. It is said that his body is kept in the sciense room of the magic school.