Gumbo gaol

Gumbo Gaol is an area near Peatmoss. The protagonist and Lassi are taken there by the robots after attempting to highjack the rocket (later known as the Magical Rocket Neumann) that was found in the Khave Ruins.




After escaping the Gumbo Gaol and speaking to a few Spiny Moles, you can later find out that the robots who had imprsoned the party took away all of the magicians that had before helped protect the Spiny Moles. The Gaol was where the magicians were kept until the Robots took them to power their batteries.

Name OriginEdit

Gumbo Gaol comes from: gumbo, a stew or soup consisting of stock, shellfish, a thickener and seasoning vegetables, and gaol; another word for jail.