Grenadine is a dwarf who, in Magical Vacation, resides in Kido Monga.







Grenadine is known to enjoy quizzes and riddles.


Grenadine has a white beard, and human like nose.

In Magical Starsign Edit

He plays an important role in getting the player to Nova, as he is the one who tinkers with Neuman the rocket (the player must collect all Millennium Gummies first).

His Account on Craaken Edit

In Condimen Tower, Grenadine will speak of Craaken, the infamous author of The Book of the Darned:

Along time ago, there was an archwizard named Craaken. He was a great man. You could almost call him the father of magic. And he predicted the death of the sun. He said the sun would die in the near future and be reborn soon thereafter. Craaken said further that when that happened, all creatures in this world would die, and everything would be born anew. He said the light planet held the secret to the revival of the sun. So, Craaken went out of his way to make a device that could take him there. That would be the rocky stage you found at the base of the World Seam. But it won't even budge unless you exert some considerable magic.

Name OriginEdit

Grenadine comes from the red syrup, Grenadine, which is used in cocktails to give flavour and to give a red tinge to mixed drinks.