Gravel Pounder

Alignment Earth
MP Consumed 4
Status Effect 5% Stone
Stat Effect
Back Row Random 3
Flavour Text Conjure a cluster of gravel to fling at the enemy.

Gravel Pounder is the Level 1 earth-aligned spell.


Front RowEdit

The caster conjures a rock to strike an enemy, inflicting damage to it.

Back RowEdit

The caster summons three rocks to strike three random targets consecutively.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Mokka (level 1) Earth
089 Sarcophaghoul Earth
099 Dustling Earth
106 Sand Carrier Earth
224 Shadra Light/Dark
228 Umbra Light Dark
251 Insect Mage Light


"Gravel Pounder" comes from the composition of small rock fragments, gravel.

Gallery Edit

Magician ant gravel pounder