Official Art of Gil Mudflap

Gil Mudflap

Mudflap attacking.
Bestiary # 200
Alignment Earth
Level 24
Habitat Shishkebab Caverns
Drops Pigheaded Hat
Bestiary Entry Mudflap is one of Bena Rikashi's police inspectors. He looks--and smells--powerful. Be careful not to let him smother you.
Bira Rewarded

Gil Mudflap is a high-ranking Space Police Officer. He creates a foul stench wherever he goes, and is the brother of Abalon Demar.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Mudflap is first seen in the bottom area of Shishkebab Caverns, where he is battled. He is then seen in the Millenium Gummy room in the Holy Water Pyramid, and creates such a foul stench that the Player and Demar leave the room for their battle.


Mudflap is battled at the very bottom of Shishkebab Caverns along with two Buck Privates.


Spells Skills
Bossy Push
Blinding Stench
Sickening Stench


He, unfortunately, thinks of himself highly and speaks loudly. However, whenever Demar's around, he's shot down.


Mudflap is coated in a purplish-gray grime.

Name OriginEdit

Mudflap is derived from his muddy, filthy appearance.