Farina is a felin, or nyanmnelt, and the daughter of Durum. For most of the game, she is wordless and expressionless. She is appears to be a fire magician, although her father attempts to keep this a secret from the rest of the village.


Though Farina has little spoken dialogue, she is portrayed as curious and rather dark in nature. When her pot was smashed, she became furious enough to cause a fire and even sacrifice people for the Holy Sapling, which shows her vengefulness and temper.


Farina wears a pink dress and tiara with what appears to be a veil, as well as pink elementary school shoes. This attire gives her the appearance of a bride of sorts.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Farina is first seen after the first boss battle with Mojo, as she casts a spell destroying it's body.

Farina is later seen inside of Durum's house, staring at a pot filled with dirt and a dead frog.

Later, when Durum is forced out of the village, they stay at the Salamander's home and prepare to send Farina off to the pirates. However, Farina trades places with Semolina.

Later in the game, when the player looks for the Wood Millennium Gummy, they find that Durum has smashed Farina's pot, which enrages her enough to set a large forest fire. She then begins sacrificing Felins and Pirates to the Holy Sapling. After the Holy Sapling is defeated, she and Semolina sob and make up. This is the only moment when Farina speaks in the game.

Name OriginEdit

Farina is the name of a cereal. The name of the cereal itself comes from the Latin word for meal, or flour.

Trivia Edit

  • She used to have a pet frog but it died, and Semolina buried it in Farina's pot. Because of this, Farina brought home all sorts of dead animals--frogs, lizards, little birds--and buried them all in the pot.