Falcon Dive

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Falcon Dive being used from the back row.
Alignment Wind
MP Consumed 50
Status Effect 20% Dizzy
Stat Effect
Back Row Front Focus
Flavour Text Summon swift-winged birds to dizzy your foes.

Falcon Dive is the level 3 wind-aligned spell.


Front RowEdit

A giant, bright yellow falcon swoops in and strikes one enemy.

Back RowEdit

A flock of bright yellow falcons swoop in and strikes all enemies.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Lassi (Level 19) Wind
222 Kale Light/Dark
228 Umbra Light/Dark
255 Macadameus Wind

Name OriginEdit

Falcon Dive comes from the type of bird, falcon. Interestingly, Captain Falcon uses a move called Falcon Dive in the Super Smash Bros series.