Erd (Hikarabita) is the earth planet were the player starts his/her journey. The planet is mostly made up of deserts and mountains, which are inhabited by Ancient Robots,

Official art of Erd.

Pyrite, and Spiny Moles. It was also once inhabited by the Espresso People.

In Magical StarsignEdit

The now extinct species of Espresso used to be the sentient life in this area, but later were eradicated by the Ancient Robots after their batteries began to run out.

Nine Stone Giants are said to once inhabit the planet, one being Tektos, who is killed in a battle with Magnus Muzzleflash. It is also implied that the brownies used to inhabit this planet.

The protagonist first arrives at Erd after pursuing Lassi, after she mistakenly takes off in a rocket. The protagonist then reunites with Lassi and revives her using Kovo Water from her ship, which has made a crash landing.


Name OriginEdit

"Erd" is a short form of Erde, which is the German word for "Earth".