Egg Characters are special additions that can be made to the player's party in Magical Starsign. Egg characters all start out with the level 5 spell as their default spell. Egg characters have generally low stats, with the exception of HP and MP, though this is remedied with the Egg Set of equipment. All egg characters have 0% default MP recovery.

Egg characters are obtained by linking with other players through Tag Mode. Egg characters will only level up through further linking.

Egg characters also have abilities that take effect on the field.

List of Egg CharactersEdit

Egg Character Alignment Field Ability
Nogg Wind Catches Gummy Worms in holes without battle
Kir Earth HP Pots will give Red Gummy Frogs
Tom Yam Wood Radishes will give random items
Fondue Fire Gives out trivia based on location
Gelato Water Steals additional Bira after battle
Star Light Eliminates random battle encounters
Pooka Dark Increases random battle encounters