Official art of a dwarf.

Dwarves are small creatures known for their engineering skills who mostly inhabit Razen.


Dwarves are about a foot and a half tall with most having blue beards that cover their entire bodies.

Name OriginEdit

Dwarves' names are typically puns for condiments such viniger and mustard, but some are named after ingredients to cold beverages.


  • The dwarves in both Magical Vacation and Magical Starsign are near identical to the dwarves in the Mana series.
  • A dwarf named Foyot informs the player that: We dwarves used to be smooth of cheek and absolutely hairless around the, er, mouthy regions. One day, a dwarf woke up with a full head o' hair, growin' straight out of his chin! Guy must have been terrified, I tell ya. And can you imagine how much the other dwarves must have teased him? I mean, he alone, of all the dwarves, had a beard! But then, one by one, each dwarf woke up to find that he, too, had a full beard of his own! Who's laughing now, right? And so it goes, spreading from dwarf to dwarf and planet to planet, even off to dwarves we ain't seen for generations! And now, wherever you go, dwarves have beards. Some folks say it's the curse for teasing the first beardy dwarf, but me, I love my beard.