Durum is leader of Tropica Village, and the father of Farina.


First AppearanceEdit

Durum is first seen on Gren as the party enters his house in hopes of freeing Pico, who has been taken prisoner by the Felin for using magic. He is seen scolding Semolina, his servant, for not taking the appropriate care of his daughter Farina. After some conversation between the three Felin, Durum offers the party a stay at the Inn free of charge in order to capture them as an exchange with the Pirates (this, of course, is not mentioned to the team).

After the stay at the Inn, Durum is seen accusing the party of freeing Pico, later to have his daughter Farina accused of knowing magic as well as having freed the captured Pico herself.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Durum has the average appearance of any Felin wearing a rather tropical green robe, sandals and a blue traditional cloak on his back. While Durum is seen as a prideful leader, he is also very cowardly and is willing to sacrifice the young Heroes to the Pirate Otters to protect his village, most notably his daughter, rather than to stand up against them after the hero's defeat Mojo. Durum is thrown out of the village along with Semolina and Farina to fend for themselves.  After being found in the Salamander cave, he plans on using Semolina as a decoy to the Otters to return to the village, seemingly without Farina. When the Heroes return for the to Gren for a second time, they find it in flames and Durum in silence.  After talking with his assistant, they learn that Farina (disguised as Semolina) ran away from home after Durum destroying her plant, Apitos, a felin, believing he did so on the account that it reminded him of Farina. Later, when the Heroes make it to Yggsalad, they find Durum buried at the neck by Farina's plant, the Holy Sapling. Once the Heroes defeat it, in a shocking turn of events, Semolina gives up her life to the anthropophagus, a man-eating flower Yggsalad creates when in a weak state, causing Durum to finally realise how much he actually cared for Semolina after everything she's done for him and Farina.  He gives the party the Wood Millenium Gummy (as the anthropophagus creates this after swallowing a person) at the Inn the next day, as well as Semolina's most prized posession, a hair clip that is later used to help Mokka on Nova. When Biek Fowler activates his self destruct, Durum proves himself a hero by taking it away from the Starcase to Shadra, seemingly sacrificing himself, but can be found to be alive and well later on.

Name OriginEdit

Durum comes from Durum wheat, a wheat that is of commercial importance today.