Dragon's Tongue

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Dragon's Tongue being used from the front row.
Alignment Fire
MP Consumed 90
Status Effect 5% Scorch
Stat Effect
Back Row Shared
Flavour Text Spice up your enemies' lives as a fiery dragon!

Dragon's Tongue is the level 5 fire-aligned spell.


Dragon's Tongue is the same from either the front of the back row. The only difference is how many opponents are dealt with damage. At first, a fire symbol appears on the ground underneath the opponent. This spreads red light throughout the battlefield. Pico then erupts into flames and turns into a dragon on the top screen. He then fires a massive fireball down upon the target. Damage is dealt. May cause Scorch.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Pico (level 47) Fire
-- Fondue (level 1) Fire

Name OriginEdit

Dragon's Tongue comes from the mythical creature, the dragon, whom most are able to breathe fire. The dragon in Dragon's Tongue seems to resemble a Chinese Dragon.