Dazzle Darts

Chard dazzle darts
Dazzle darts from the back row.
Alignment Dark
MP Consumed 70
Status Effect 20% Curse
Stat Effect  ??% ↓Any
Back Row Random 10
Flavour Text Weaken your enemies with bolts of dark lightning.

Dazzle Darts is the level 4 dark-aligned spell. It is very devastating if used from the back row at night. It is also capable of lowering a random stat of the target.


Front RowEdit

A purple dart is shot to the side of the screen and bounces to the enemy. It turns into an orb of radiating electricity with a lightning bolt blasting them.

Back RowEdit

A purple dart is launched into the air and frorms into an orb a enegy. Thin rays of puple electricity are radiated out, and then ten darts of electricity are shot out consecutively.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (Level 42) Dark
218 Fowler Dark
220 Chard Dark

Name OriginEdit

Dazzle Darts may have many name origins, the most likely coming from dazzle(or glare), which is the difficulty of seeing in the presence of light.