Crystal Laser

Gfs 75573 2 102
Crystal Laser from the front row.
Alignment Light
MP Consumed 30
Status Effect 20% Blind
Stat Effect
Back Row Shared
Flavour Text Use Powerful light to blind your enemies.

Crystal Laser is the level 2 light-aligned spell.

Appearance Edit

Front Row Edit

Particles of light gather into a sphere which releases said light into a powerful beam.

Back Row Edit

The sphere fires the beam up in the sky. Several "spotlights" of varied color surround the enemy as the beam causes a large explosion.
Gfs 75573 2 186

Firing a back-row crystal laser.

Gfs 75573 2 141

A back-row crystal laser hitting its target

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (Level 9) Light
147 Cephalomage Light
150 Zap Raccoon Light
222 Kale Light
228 Umbra Light

Name OriginEdit

"Crystal Laser" comes from crystal, a solid material whose particles are in a near perfect repeating pattern, and laser, a device that emits a powerful beam of light.