Cidre Rainbow is a Beauty element mage in Magical Vacation.

Cidre Rainbow

Species Human
Gender Male
Element Beauty
Sign Scorpio
Age 14
Birthday November 11
Blood Type O
Height 168cm
Weight 55kg


Cidre is very critical and tends to judge others.


Cidre has blonde hair and a small red hat, he is garbed in yellow attire with a blueish cape.

In Magical VacationEdit

Ever since childhood Cidre has been obsessed with art, and has been able to draw from the age of two. By the age of ten he was known as a child prodigy. Though he is constantly praised by many artists, he is never satisfied with his work or any one elses. Though his skill is unmeasurable, he lacks inspiration, and doesn't tend to adhere to any theme in particular.


Name MP Effect
Call Powder 1 1 Beauty Seirei is called
Red Rose 3 Power 3 damage + paralysis to 1 enemy
Yellow Rose 15 Power 5 damage + paralysis to 1 enemy
Clear Slash 1 All Blade Seirei are cleared
Black Rose 50 Power 7 damage + paralysis to 1 enemy
Double Powder 50 2 Beauty Seirei are called
White Rose 80 All status ailments of 1 friend are removed

Base StatsEdit

  • Level: 17
  • HP: 67
  • MP: 101
  • Power: 12
  • Defense: 10
  • Speed: 11
  • Spirit: 20


  • Cidre is an alchoholic cider made from apple juice.
  • He can move sparrows forward or backwards
  • His favorite food is wakenoshinnosu