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Japanese Name Chai
Species Salamander
Gender Male
Alignment Wood
Age 14

Chai is a Salamander Wood mage in Magical Starsign, and is a student at the Will-O'-Wisp Academy. Supposedly, he is the only of his kind that is capable of magic, making him somewhat of a black sheep to those of his race.


Chai is sensitive, but has a high mental capacity regarding stress. He is often first to project his feelings about a subject, and is very expressive. Even with these traits, it is said that Chai is very timid and quiet most of the time.Though he is often ostracized by his own kind for his magic ability, he is very open towards the subject.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Chai is first seen in Will-O'-Wisp academy with the other students, and is later kidnapped by a Felin at Bena Rikashi. He is then seen leaving Kale's house after breaking free from the Space Police, who are hot on his heels. He tells Brioche to inform the player to head over to Honey Mint as he has stolen a file containing information on Miss Madeleine and the other kidnapped wizards.


Level UpEdit

Spells Skills
Pepperthorn (Level 1) Tail Swipe
Minty Freshness (Level 14) Guard
Briar Patch (Level 24)
Parsley Wall (Level 35)
Cactus Crush (Level 46)


Spells Skills
Celestial Swap (Sky Book)
High Art (Splode Book)
Comet Shower (Comet Book)
Brawly Ball (Brawly Book)


Like the protagonist, Chai is a very versitile character. However, unlike the protagonist, Chai is much faster and can handle more hits from magical attacks.  Though his stat boosting moves make him useful in the back row, Chai can function equally well in both the front and back rows.

Name OriginEdit

Chai is a type of green tea.

Wild MagicEdit

Chai's Wild Magic can make leaves fall from the trees that will improve the party's stats. It is used on Gren, after rescuing all five students, when Abalon Demar and his crew sets the planet on fire. 

His chant is:

Little leaf, green leaf,

Gather light to you.

Little root, deep root,

Bind the earth to you.

Mind the trunk that holds you high!

Mind the branches long and proud!

So strong stands the forest!