Celestial Swap

Alignment None
MP Consumed Varies
Status Effect --
Stat Effect
Back Row None
Flavour Text Shift the positions of the planets.

Celestial Swap is an unaligned spell learned from the Sky Book. It is known by most bosses and several other enemies. It is very MP-draining, but extremely useful in battle. Unlike other unaligned spells, this one can be used by most opponents.


Standard UseEdit

The user chants the spell, the Astrolog appears on the top screen, and the the planets are moved according to the user's will. However, they may only be moved clockwise. This can be used to aura any character except the Hero (as they only become auraed during day/night), presuming the character using the spell has enough MP. Characters can move the planets of their own alignment with less MP consumption.

Aligning the PlanetsEdit

If the planets are all moved into a line, then a powerful attack will be performed, this attack has variable usefulness throughout the game. Only a few of the bosses, such as Chard, will actually use the spell in an attempt to align the planets. Most will simply aura themselves, or prevent your party from becoming auraed. After the attack is used, the planets will be moved to random locations in their orbits.


Planet MP per Orbit (different alignment) MP per Orbit (same alignment)

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (Sky Book) Light/Dark
-- Lassi (Sky Book) Wind
-- Mokka (Sky Book) Earth
-- Chai (Sky Book) Wood
-- Pico (Sky Book) Fire
-- Sorbet (Sky Book) Water
-- Nogg (Sky Book) Wind
-- Kir (Sky Book) Earth
-- Tom Yam (Sky Book) Wood
-- Fondue (Sky Book) Fire
-- Gelato (Sky Book) Water
-- Star (Sky Book) Light
-- Pooka (Sky Book) Dark
004 Atomic Firebat Fire
019 Scorchberry Fire
022 Sacrificer Fire
079 Dust Punisher Wind
149 Erilyn Light
176 Nightmop Dark
177 Graver Dark
190 Chard (first time) Dark
195 Mugwort Wood
205 Holy Sapling Wood
209 Pourri Wind
220 Chard (Third time) Dark
224 Shadra
228 Umbra
254 Zodalkrew Dark
255 Macadameus Wind

Name OriginEdit

Celestial Swap comes from celestial body, which is an object, other than Earth, which exists in the Universe.


  • Unique dialogue will come up immediately after the first battle in which this spell is used. For most players, this will be the battle with Mugwort, though it can be seen as early as the first battle with Chard.
  • It should be mentioned, however, that it's possible to defeat Mugwort before he uses this spell, if the characters are powerful enough, have proper items and use powerful attacks (Blood Money or Crystal laser, and in the case of Mokka, Boulder Bash), he can be defeated in just 4 attacks.