Frozen Cassia


Thawed Cassia

Cassia (Rig Maha) is the water planet. Most of the terrain consists of sea or beachlike area. Natives from this planet are most commonly otters, but dwarves have colonized small areas.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Cassia is completley frozen over upon first arrival in the begining of the game, and is home to the Aquarino, a water that does not evaporate or freeze. Upon arrival, the player encounters the headless body of Mokka, and sets out to the town of Pescato in search of his head.

After conversing with some of the townsfolk, the player is informed that a Hermit Lab has been stealing the natives belongings, and the party must find the lost goods in order to retrieve the Battery Pack.




Name OriginEdit

Cassia may have many name origins from spices, food or plants.