Candy Mintblue is a Wind element mage in Magical Vacation.

Candy Mintblue

Species Human
Gender Female
Element Wind
Sign Virgo
Age 13
Birthday September 22
Blood Type AB
Height 150cm
Weight 38kg


Candy is a talkative, active girl who is attracted to Ganache Nighthawk. Her affection for Ganache plays a strong role in her actions during the later parts of the game. Though she exhibits a carefree personality, she actually despises herself for lacking courage. She rivals Blueberry Lakeside in academics, and her hobby is collecting handkerchiefs. She is utterly oblivious of Kirche Pintail's infatuation with her.


Name MP Effect
Call Air 1 1 Wind Seirei is called
Aura 3 Power 4 damage to 1 enemy
Mach Line 5 Speed-Up to 1 friend
Clear Boo 1 All Poison Seirei are cleared
Punoe 40 Power 5 damage to 3x1 area
Double Air 50 2 Wind Seirei are called
Puresuteru 80 Power 5 damage to a 2x2 area

Base Stats Edit

  • Level: 35
  • HP: 95
  • MP: 3
  • Power: 17
  • Defense: 19
  • Speed: 35
  • Spirit: 1


  • Her magic allows the player to remove Bomb Pots without using a Gummy Frog.
  • Her favorite food is sweets