Brioche is a young male rabbit who's hometown is Honey Mint. He is met at Bena Rikashi and leads the party to Chai. He wishes to one day own a restaurant in Bena Rikashi.


Brioche has long, floppy ears that hang over his face, green hair, and a large, circular hat.

In Magical StarsignEdit

Brioche resides at Honey Mint with his father, Cresson, and has a saved two million bira for his dream restaurant (claiming he would serve the most mind-blowing, savory snacks the galaxy has ever seen). However, when Mugwort proves to be troublesome, Cresson snatches Brioche's pink piggy bank and offers it to Mugwort in exchange for him not arresting the player. Brioche runs off sobbing until Twigadamus, the talking stick, reassures that his dream will come true.

Name OriginEdit

Brioche is a highly enriched French pastry.