Blood Money

Alignment Dark
MP Consumed 40
Status Effect 5% Curse
Stat Effect
Back Row Random 3
Flavour Text Absorb enemy HP with this dark magic

Blood Money is the level 3 dark-aligned spell. It is the only HP sapping move learned by a member of the player's party.


Front RowEdit

Two purpleish-white orbs circle upward around the user, and then a cicle of these orbs closes in on the target. The target turns purple, and a white sphere leaps back to the user, restoring their HP.

Back RowEdit

Two purplish-white orbs circle upwards to the center of the top screen, and then three circles of these orbs are emanated outwards. The circles of orbs close in on three random targets, and then three white spheres leap back to the user, restoring their HP.

Known byEdit

# User Alignment
-- Hero/Heroine (level 21) Dark
153 Sheepdevil Dark
178 Armagel Dark
196 Chard Dark
197 Pooka Dark
202 Dab Hasnel Dark
219 Equillekrew Dark
220 Chard Dark