The Baklava Solar System is the solar system in which the course of Magical Vacation and Magical Starsign take place. It consists of the planets Kovomaka, Erd, Cassia, Gren, and Razen; the planets making up the sun being Shadra the dark planet, and Nova the light planet. The Hero's party travels across the solar system throughout the course of Magical Starsign in hopes of rescuing their teacher, Miss Madeleine.

Planets of InterestEdit


Kovomaka is where the Magical Kingdom of Kovomaka and Magical Academy of Kovomaka are found.


Erd is the earth planet; the sentient life being Ancient Robots and Spiny Moles, the planet is mostly desolate and void on life. The Stone Giants resided on this planet before their extinction, the last of their species being Tektos.


Cassia is the water planet, and is inhabited by the Otters. At one point, the entire planet is frozen over. Ambergris Prep Magical Academy is located here.


Gren is the wood planet, and is inhabited by Felins and Salamanders.


Razen is the fire planet, inhabited by Potfolk and Dwarves.